Java Software Development

Java Software Development

I’m developing Java based applications since 1998. I’ve started with client applications, mainly desktop applications using AWT and Swing. Later, I’ve switched to the server-side and built distributed systems, horizontal scalable web applications and pure backend solutions, like for processing high-volume data, integration of complex system landscapes, or API driven micro-service platforms.

The major technologies I have solid experience with and have successfully applied in several projects cover Spring, Hibernate, containers like Jetty, Tomcat, WildFly, message brokers like ActiveMQ, Kafka, low-level networking with Netty, Mina, and relational databases like Postgres, MySql, Oracle, as well as NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra and Elastic Search.
And last but not least: the wonderful rich world of Linux.

Depending on the project, I am responsible for designing the architecture, implementing the requirements, as well as covering continues integration and delivery, and building tools for DevOps, or ideally even taking care of operations.

Having an up and running application is one piece of the task. Delivering and operating it on an environment at enterprise scale is another beast. A reliable infrastructure that is robust and safe is key in order to run and maintain a high quality service.

I have several years of experience in configuring and operating large-scale cloud infrastructures, on AWS, Azure and GCP, applying as-Code principles, via Terraform and Ansible, and leveraging serverless computing as well as containerized workloads with Docker and Kubernetes.